Vision guides what we do,

What we do defines who we are,

Who we are is our identity; Therefore...

Our Vision is OUR I.D. 

UTWARD VISION: Looking Outward to; Expand God's Kingdom where we live, work & play. Facilitate & Participate in the Unified Body of Christ.

NLIMITED VISION: Through obedience and increasing faith, never limit Vision by the constraints of human reason, comprehension or wisdom.

EALIZED VISION:  Committed both to prayer and to labor, by the power of the Holy Spirit remain faithful to the work of the Kingdom; sowing, watering & reaping the harvest.

NWARD VISION: Following the Acts 2:42 model, building Relationships, socially and spiritually, through the study and preaching of God's Word, prayer and fellowship.

YNAMIC VISION:  Recognizing the Human tendancy toward Inertia, resist allowing today's vision to become tomorrow's tradition.  We will Strive to hear God's voice receiving & pursuing His new direction for each season.

Service Times


  Prepare With Prayer..............9:30 a.m.

  Morning Celebration...........10:00 a.m.

  Spirit Life Groups....Temp. Suspended

Wednesday Prayer (Zoom).....7:00 p.m.

Contact Information

216 Columbia Street

Turlock, Ca 95380




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