• It Is a Call to Preparation

  • It Is a Call to Perspiration

To be Separated & Committed to God and His Kingdom Work, & From Our Own Personal Agendas.

Preparing a Table: Setting up a Place for Spiritual Sustenance & Sharing with Jesus.

Preparing a Throne: Doing Whatever it Takes so that Jesus is Ruling Our LIves, for real.

Perspiration is reference to the Incredibly Hard Work Required in Order For Jesus to Come & Share at Our Table and Assume the Leading Role in Our Lives, and the Commitment Required.

It is time for a Fundamental Shift in the life of the average American Christian.  Jesus' clearest commands to those who follow Him are.

  • Go Into Our World & Make Disciples of All People

  • Cast Out Demons

  • Speak With New Tongues

  • Take Up Deadly Things and they Won't Hurt Us

  • Lay Hands on the Sick and they Shall Recover

Clear commands that should not be explained away because they are Inconvenient or Difficult to Achieve.

What Does It Mean to Deny Ourselves and Take Up Our Cross Everyday?  It's Time To Find Out.

“For I, the Lord, am Holy, and Oh how I long to come into a Holy Place. Oh how I long to come into a dwelling who has Prepared a Table before Me. 


Oh how I have Longed for a Place that I could not just visit but that I Can Actually Inhabit.


I am a Holy God, and Oh how I look and long, my eyes flow to and from, all over the Earth Looking for a Place, Looking for a Resting Place, a Throne that I can come and I can Sit and Dwell Among my People.


Will you be, Will YOU Be that place declares the Lord?  Will you Develop and Prepare a Seat for my Arrival?


The Invitation Has Been Given.  Will You Accept?  Will You Prepare a Place for Me? Says the Lord.”

This Word is Correctional & Directional

  • It Is a Call to Holiness

Service Times


  Prepare With Prayer..............9:30 a.m.

  Morning Celebration...........10:00 a.m.

  Spirit Life Groups....Temp. Suspended

Wednesday Prayer (Zoom).....7:00 p.m.

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