Options, Opinions on Outdoor Gatherings Results

Thank you to all who participated in our poll.  Since indoor gatherings have been restricted we are trying to come up with ways to gather in person.  We needed your input to help us pursue an option that you would be willing to participate in.

Some of the options available are to try and gather on the lawn on the south side of our building (away from Columbia Street), meet at another location by ourselves, meet with another church on their property on Friday evening(s), or do not meet until we gather indoors again.

Here are the results from the poll.













What Did We Learn?

Interest in Gathering Outdoors:  Yes! 94% of respondents are interested in Outdoor gathering.

Gathering at Another Location:  Yes! 94% said they would attend a gathering off site at another location.

Interest in Gathering Sunday Evenings: Here we lose some interest with only 82% willing to attend.

Gathering Friday Evenings w/ Others:  Even less interest here with slightly more that half at 64% saying they would attend.

Temperatures at 90 Degrees or Higher: Slightly more that half said they would attend even in high temperatures.

Willing to Bring Your Own Chair: Yes! 94%.  All but one respondent would be willing to bring their own chair.

We are in the middle of summer and one of the hottest stretches of 105 degree+ days we've seen in a very long time.  Even in normal summer conditions shade would need to provided.  Ways of dealing with these issues are tenting or canopies, a site shaded by trees or some other structure, and meeting in the early morning or later in the evening.

It seems that meeting on Sunday mornings, either at Four Seasons or another location, is preferred by most.

Meeting outdoors will require additional work to Set-up and Tear-down.  We will need people to help with this at each gathering.

The work will include moving musical equipment (keyboard, sound system, drums etc.), chairs, Canopies and/or Tents.  Setting up the equipment, chairs, Canopies and/or tents.  Then the same in reverse.  If we meet at a remote site we would need help transporting the equipment, chairs, canopies or tents etc., and anything else we may need.

So now we need you to contact the Pastor or Glenda letting us know that you are willing to help with these tasks.

We will make some decisions and will let you know what they are as soon as we do.

To all of you who participated, again, Thank You!



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