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FAITH: In 1968 Pastors Lowell and Loretta Finney and their young sons left a thriving church in Madera California to follow Gods lead to Turlock and Faith Temple Church. Encounters with God in their personal relationships with Him framed their  life, their Faith, their ministry.

SUPERNATURAL:  Their first born son, eight and a half months old, contracted Spinal Meningitis with temperatures approaching 107 degrees.  With doctors giving the child no chance to survive the night they needed a miracle and that's what they got.  Through this miracle Pastor Finney committed his life to the Lord and never looked back.  Within a few months he experienced Gods call to ministry a call which he answered wholeheartedly.  His experience with a Supernatural God who cares enough to move in Supernatural ways in an individual's life, set the course of his faith and ministry.  Pastor Finney believed that if God would move like this in his life then He would do it for others; and that He did.

CONTINUITY:  For thirty-six years Pastor Finney faithfully served at Faith Temple. He left for the same reason he came; God told him to.  In 2005 Daryl, the son whom God so miraculously healed, answered God's call and stepped in as pastor. Its a new Season but the vision is still the same.  To let God be God and to trust Him for those exceeding things that go beyond all that we can ask or imagine.

FUTURE:  We believe that God is drawing His Church into a spirit of unity like never before, a necessity that will allow God to achieve His purposes in our times. The schemes of our enemy have worked to limit the range of God's manifest Glory in her.  Defeating them requires a Unified Church, bound together by our Common Savior Jesus Christ.  To Facilitate and Participate in the unified Body of Christ is one of our passions.  We are excited to be alive in these days and are looking forward to the future God has for us.  We'd love to join with you on your journey.