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Updated: Nov 19, 2020


There's a saying:

"You don't value what you have until it's gone."

Must we, who have known only Freedom, lose our Freedom before we appreciate it and what advances it's cause, or threatens it existence? Can we Not learn from history and the experiences of other nations to prevent its loss?

Christians, above all people, should value Freedom, having all been liberated from the bondage and tyranny of Satan and sin. We should clearly know that God is all about Freedom and Choice, while Satan, and this world, which is under Satan's influence, are all about Bondage and Tyranny.

As God has endowed us with free will, we who belong to Him will give account for how we have used it.

All Christians should vote, and vote according to God's value system, not their own.

"You can rationalize it all you want and justify the path of error you have chosen, but you’ll find out in the end that you took the road to destruction."
Proverbs 14:12 TPT

Our own value system is what led to our captivity before Christ in the first place. Consider Adam and Eve who had only known perfection, living in Paradise, the Garden of Eden. They did not value what they had until it was gone. They believed their ideas were as good as Gods and disregarded God's instruction.

Their one decision has unleashed all of the evil, death and destruction that the world has known.

Things can, and will, get better as more and more people humble themselves and turn to God and search out His ways. It's not too terribly hard to find. It's found in the best selling book of all time, the Holy Bible.

It is God, and our submission to His wisdom, that sets us free and keeps us free. The Bible is like medication, it only works if you consume it as prescribed.

Our forefathers had experienced tyrannical government that even tried to dictate their faith and what they should believe. They left their homes, businesses, and lands to journey to an undeveloped country of which they knew very little. In their first year in this new land somewhere around one half of them died.

What was worth walking away from their homes, land, and businesses, risk and suffer death and disease and discomfort while building, from scratch, new homes, new businesses and infrastructure? FREEDOM!!

It was these people, the ones whose families actually experienced oppression and tyranny who framed our constitution. Who believed that the most important freedom of all, the freedom to believe in God according to their conscience without Government intrusion, was worth such a price. They knew what we for the most part have forgotten, or maybe, never known, the value of, and the price of freedom.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have given their lives on battle fields all around the world, not just in America. They did this because there was a time when we believed the every man's Freedom was worth fighting, and dying for.

It cost many of our forebears their lives to secure the freedom we now experience with not cost at all. The least we should do is listen to them, and follow their wisdom, for it was born out of the testing fires of the war to break free from oppression and tyranny.

Most of us will never be called to a battle field to defend our freedom, but our responsibility is no less important, for our responsibility is to call upon the wisdom of our forefathers and mothers and steward the Freedom that they paid the price to attain for us.

This is done through the democratic process, which requires, at its heart, individual integrity and a love for, and pursuit of, the truth. Know the issues. Know God's values. Go to the polls and vote according to God's value system. This is how we Steward this great gift that has been given to us.

Follow the link and watch these videos which will inform your decisions in upcoming elections.

Christians Vote! Vote Biblical values. Our nation will prosper, You will prosper. God Bless America!! God Bless Our World!!

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