"Shift Happens"

What a powerful service yesterday at Four Seasons Christian Fellowship. From the outset Holy Spirit's presence was manifest in a powerful way. There has been a shift in the landscape of this season in which we are living.

As Californians we are all too familiar with earthquakes. The movement of the mantle and core pulling at the earth's crust moves the rigid surface. The amount of movement is, for the most part, negligible relative the size of the earth, yet it is transformative.

When earthquakes strike the energy released shakes everything built on its surface. No matter how great the edifice, built by human hands, the power of these small shifts in the earth's crust can reduce them to rubble. Seeing this we are reminded of just how small we are in the scheme of things, and how powerful God is. Proper perspective is restored.

The shift we are experiencing is shaking our foundations as well. The things that man has built will be reduced to rubble, and only that which God is building will remain.

After such a shaking, it's time to rebuild. The bad news is that we may lose buildings that have been in our families for years, buildings that reflect standards of the past. The good news is that as we rebuild our buildings they will be up to current code reflecting current standards.

In God's kingdom God is always doing a new thing. Embrace the new. Let God rebuild our houses according to His standard for today. God is moving, and He's calling to us to embrace the shaking, to let go of what we have held for years, and to embrace the new thing that He is doing.

When we go into our prayer closets and come together in worship, let us do so with great expectation and excitement about what new thing God has for us today.


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