"I Did Not Ordain Denomination"

Jesus' Prayer "Make Them One..."- John 17

In this chapter Jesus prays to the Father intentionally within earshot of His disciples.  Here Jesus is declaring what all He, through the Father, has done for us.  Things His work had established for all eternity. 


He has given us Eternal Life, He has manifested the Father's name to us, He has given us the Word that the Father gave to him for us.  We are His possession and none will be lost that the Father has given Him.  He is sanctifying us and He is sending us into the world just as the Father sent Him into the world.  These confident declarations are without fear of coming undone, spoken with absolute certainty.


In verses, eleven and twenty-one, however, he prays about something that He apparently couldn't or wouldn't do for us.  He prays to the Father that He would work through us to "Make Us One".


Unity in the Body of Christ is something that we must choose to pursue.  It is in our pursuit of Unity that we go after what is the desire of our Savior's heart, thereby bringing glory to Him as He did to the Father by pursuing the things that were in the Father's heart for Him to do.

"Behold, how Good and How Pleasant

 it is for Brethren to Dwell Together in

 Unity."  Psalm 133:1

"One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, 

 One God and Father of All, Who is  

 Over All, and Through All, and In

 All."  Ephesians 4 :5,6

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